Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Liturgy for a Rainy Day

Archdruid: I'm singing in the rain.

All: Just singing in the rain.

Archdruid: Raindrops keep falling on my head

All: They keep falling.

Hymn: Who'll stop the Rain? (Heaven 17)


Save me, for the waters come over my head
It is as it was in the time of Noah -
The bit after everbody got washed away, that is.
The floods encompass me
The puddles encircle me
The Hus Bourne is as it were a raging torrent
The gentle, drought-struck brook of summer is now a monster.

Hey Mr Blue Sky
Please tell us why
Thou hadst to hide away for so long -
Where did we go wrong?

But you, Lord, built my house on a sandstone ridge.
(Actually it was Eileen's great-grandad, but credit where it's due for the inspiration.)
The Moot House is dry, though Soggy Bottom liveth up to its name.
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of cumulonimbus,
Yet my feet are on solid ground.
And though the people of Bedford, Billing and Buckingham may fill their sandbags while they may,
Yet I will wait for Mr Blue Sky to show his face.

Hymn: Here Comes the rain again


Archdruid: With a hi-ho, the wind and the rain

All: For the rain, it raineth every day.

Archdruid: Go, and leak no more.

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