Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Complementarian Man's Cookbook - Lasagne

Brothers and sisters, it is rare that Eileen Fitzroy Russell gives me something other than pain - both physical and psychical. However, on this occasion she has dropped off for me something that I have found most valuable - a copy of The Complementarian Man's Cookbook. To be fair, it is rather muddy, and I have been drying out the pages on the radiator all day - a rather futile task. Marjory and I do not use the central heating except when the temperature falls below freezing, considering warmth a sinful luxury.

Still, the Cookbook is an invaluable aid to any complementarian man with an interest in gastronomy, and I hope it will assist any of my brothers out there in their culinary adventures.

Recipe 1 - Lasagne

Step 1 - Drive your wife to the shops to buy the ingredients.

Step 2 - Tell her it is her religious duty to cook you a lasagne.


  1. Unfortunately we are unable to follow your recipe as we do not have heating unless we have to hack the frozen breath of our faces when we awake in the morning. As sleep is challenging in such circumstances we have found it hard to prove that we have woken and thus the heating remains off. As for the rest we are in full agreement for Wednesdays, on Thursdays the wife drives the husband to the co-op and he cooks chilli. Works well for us (well apart from the heating situation).


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