Thursday, 15 November 2012

When Worship Imitates Science

You know the the theory of the "electron hole"? Whereby a missing electron in a solid state latice emulates the behaviour of a positively-charged particle? So if all the electrons jump one way it's like one positive charge jumps the other?

It was like that at Pouring Out of Beakers this morning. Ordrey was the only one there, and she was a bit restless.

See, I knew this was a bad analogy. Good analogies always become bad ones when people don't understand what the analogised thing is all about. Just forget I ever mentioned it.


  1. I love Family Services. When the Children (and adults) are invited to do some very strange activities.

    The imagination can be a wonderful thing, when you see a mix of children and adults badly dressed as Saxon and Norman Warriors, re-enacting the Battle of Hastings? Bows and Arrows are banned for obvious reasons (Elf and Safety).

    Off course, the Vicar and Curate are already robed for the Part and become the inevitable target for misguided children (urged on by fickle parents) to charge them, rather than each other.

    Off course, the analogy was to draw attention to that bit of scripture that enacts David and Goliath, but sling shots are not a good idea in an ancient church with lots of stained glass.

    I'm still trying to work out the underlying theology in the minds of the Family Service Team, but it still escapes me :(

  2. Is analogising the new anathematising?


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