Friday, 8 February 2013

Broom with a View

And so the Flower-arrangers / Coffee-makers war has a new front.

Those people that cycle down here have always been banned from wheeling their cycles into the kitchen and across to the bike shed. The Cleaners have seen to that. Many a loud tut has been heard, and complaints that "you'll make the floor dirty". The cyclists' response - that the tyres have only been on the same ground as other people's feet - has been met by the counter that they don't wipe their tyres.

But now, declaring that they are fighting for freedom, they have made a common front with the Flower-arrangers, wheeled their bikes into the building and locked them up outside the cupboard with the espresso machines.

But they'll be really angry when they get out and find the awful revenge the Coffee-makers and Cleaners have taken. Turns out they had nothing to lose but their chains.

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