Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Festival of Sub-creation

Today's "Festival of Sub-creation" is cancelled.

It was to be a celebration of the way we share in the divine creative nature, in our own way creating new things from what we have been given.

But unfortunately we've left it all to the last minute, and we can't think what to do. So we're going to be lighting some tea lights instead.


  1. Coloured or white tea lights, pain or scented?

    1. "Pain" is normal round here...

    2. Ah, normalism, is it? That's discrimination.

  2. scented = pain for me; have never yet found an acceptable scented tea light. beware the really cheap ones too; they stink of strange chemicals....

    perhaps when you have exhausted the possibilities of doilies you could investigate superior scents for tea lights. Assam. Earl Grey. Darjeeling?


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