Friday, 15 February 2013

Hubris Caps

The so-called "Archdruid" in charge of the neo-pagans across the park is full of herself this morning. Apparently she wrote something which has been endlessly "retweeted", and much noted on Facepalm.

I have pointed out to her the danger of too much pride. I was at one stage a great Internet sensation, linked to by that devout American website, "Stuff Fundies Like", which I believe is an outlet for large-size King James Bibles and chunky knitwear. But after I made that unfortunate mistake - confusing two species of deer while preaching on "as pants the hart", they dropped me like a stone and nobody ever linked to me again. Truly I was as one who has gone down to the pit.

And so I have warned Eileen - hubris caps your ambitions. One day she may be the doyenne of Interneterati - but the liberal-fresh-expressions-pseudo-pagan pool is a shallow one, which will dry out in the heat of summer.

Eileen merely points to the overflowing duck pond, running as it is into Burton's Accountancy Hovel, and tells me the drought is a long time coming. Truly haughty eyes and a proud manner will receive their due reward, come it early or late.

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