Friday, 15 February 2013

The Martian Chronicles

*erxquizit: "That's funny, !veg'l. All the communications from Earth have ceased."

!veg'l  "That is odd, *erxquizit. And it makes me feel slightly saddened, oh warty friend, as I was looking forward to the League Cup Final."

*erxquizit: "I wonder what has happened, oh tentacular companion. Were there any clues as to their fate?"

!veg'l  "Have you examined the last communications that the terrestrial evolved ape-offspring sent, oh seven-eyed buddy?"

*erxquizit: "I am just calling it up now, oh hermaphroditic fellow-Martian. It is a Tweet."

!veg'l  "And what does it say, oh iron-based lifeform of my heart?"

*erxquizit: "Very strange, my two-thirds double cousin twice over. It just says 'Asteroid strike? The Mayans never saw that coming. May as well have that Findus lasagne lol.'"

!veg'l  "They were a strange race, oh my red-dusted friend. But I will miss them. I wonder what God will inflict on that poor planet next?"


  1. Of the writing of Sci Fi there is no end. As long as there are lonely blokes with big imaginations.


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