Friday, 22 February 2013

Make Whey

I'm pleased to announce that the new CD, "Make Whey", is available in the Beaker Bazaar.

I've long felt the need for appropriate songs for cheese-making. The Beaker Folk who work long hours in the dairy, churning milk to make our authentic Beaker Goat's Cheese, need some encouragement. So for just 11.99, they can now buy a CD to encourage them.

Songs include:

Do you know the whey to San Jose?
If I could churn back thyme-flavoured cheddar
Is this the whey to Amarillo?
Churn, churn, churn
Cheshire song at twilight
Heaven knows I'm lactose-intolerant now
In search of the lost curds
Thank Edam for Little curds
Danish Blue Monday
Curd Only Knows
Cheese, release me.


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