Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Mystery of the Disappearing Hnaef

We're all a bit worried. Hnaef went out for a quick walk at about quarter to 12, vowing to be back ready for our Massive Popcorn Maker Spectacular - our way of celebrating Pentecost by accidentally showering the congregation with pieces of starch coated in scalding-hot butter. But he's not back yet.

Young Keith went out to find him at half past, but he's not returned, either. So we walked down School Lane, and all we found was this:

 Obviously, people spontaneously combust all the time - it's just we don't hear about it. But to have only his hi-viz left, and not even his steel-toe-capped boots, was a shock. We can only hope that it's something else that has happened.

I'm even more concerned about Young Keith. You can always replace a deputy, but a son is a son. Given the way the two of them went separately like that, I can only assume there's some kind of a Bermuda Triangle effect going on at that end of the village.

I guess that's it. There must have been some of kind of irresistible force, dragging them in. They may well even be in another dimension by now.

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