Thursday, 22 May 2014

Open-Minded Mission

A quick thought.

Next time you hear about somebody else's mission idea (which will by definition have been at least a bit of a success), don't have either of these two responded:

"That's great! We must do precisely the same at St Murgatroyd's!"


"That's good for them. But it would never work at St Murgatroyd's."

Why not respond with

"That was a good idea for their setting. I wonder how we could be creative in mission at St Murgatroyd's?"

Obviously, if you don't worship at St Murgatroyd's, you can ignore the above advice. It only works at St Murgatroyd's, not at your place. You're different. Your church is in a town / village / is too old / cold / fallen down / full of earwigs. Not like at St Murgatroyd's.

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