Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The C of E Takes the Gloves Off

Bit of a punchy response here from the C of E Tumblr here to the BHA's fatuous attempts to make themselves interesting and newsworthy over the "Trojan Horse" schools.

There's a good reason to have faith schools. They're generally pretty good. Having a belief in the eternal worth of your children, and a faith in a rational, predictable creator - that's gonna encourage you in science, and in general, I reckon. If any schools were run in the way the BHA  approved, the uniforms would be anoraks, and so would the staff.


  1. Yes, egg on the face time for the BHA.

  2. I would agree with one of the comments in the post, that RE (comparative religious studies) should be taught to all school children, it helps them understand the world we live in. Unfortunately the Muslim governors of those Birmingham schools disagree with this view. I wouldn't be happy if I lived there and sent my kids to a state funded school where they only learnt about Islam in RE; less "religious education", more like "religious training". Hence the comments in the Ofsted report and more generally one of the problems with a non-secular approach to education IMO.


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