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Monday, 26 January 2015

A Traditionalist in Name Only

So the bloke who heckled the consecration of Libby Lane turns out to be serial moaner Revd Paul Williamson, of St George's Hanworth.

Well, I went and had a look at St George's website, and I was aghast. Have a look:

Comic Sans. I ask you. 

Call themselves traditionalists? Not in my name. 


  1. Ditto Tribble - OF? Is prepositional use that lax in the CofE? I'm shocked!

  2. I clicked on your link to the Metro, while wondering whether divine displeasure would be manifested as it was with the lightning strike on York after the enthronement of the quondam incumbent of Durham.

    I make no further comment than to link directly to this and enquire whether Young Keith was burning soiled doilies during an Easterly wind last night.

  3. Slightly concerned that the community cares for the church in Hanworth, and not the other way round as we normally do in darkest Gloucestershire. Also 'love' the button at the top rhs marked 'donate'. Now I see where our website went wrong...

  4. Presumably that's how the community cares for the pressing the yellow button.

  5. What font should it be? Obviously not Times New Roman. Bookman Old Style? Gothic?

  6. There's something appropriately vexatious about Comic Sans for a man declared a vexatious litigant back in 1997 on this very issue

  7. Much as I am inclined to agree: Lucida Handwriting? It does rather take the sass out of your argument.


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