Tuesday, 20 January 2015

At the Multiple Episcopal Consecration


 - Bishop who won't consecrate women

- New bishop who won't be consecrated by women

- Bishop who will consecrate women

 - New female bishop

 - New male bishop
- Bishop who would consecrate a woman, but hasn't yet

- New bishop who has a bit of a cold


  1. What an interesting church you have: maybe there will be female bishops who won't be consecrated by women...

  2. What about female bishops who won't consecrate women?

  3. Where have you put the bishop who consecrates all bishops that do not consecrate themselves?

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't that a rule borrowed from Mornington Crescent?

  5. I've never thought that there are different types of Bishop, they sign up to the Gospel, so should all be gender inclusive and do the washing up.

  6. Boil your Bishop for a minimum of twenty minutes to ensure they are no longer contagious. The Contagion of Sanctity does not operate in a VickyVerky manner, even with the finest Balm redolent wipers.

  7. "a Christmas bowl of smoking bishop, Bob!" C. Dickens (A Christmas Carol)

  8. If only it weren't York.

    Canterbury, of course, as Anselm himself assures us, it that Bishop than which no Bishop can be conceived to be greater... ;-)


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