Monday, 16 March 2015

Being Grant Shapps

I'm really shocked. I always thought that Michael Green was one of our better-behaved Beaker Folk. Quietly working away as a web marketing guru, not one of us guessed he was an MP and Tory Party chair.

Anyway, now his cover is blown he has had to leave our little Community. Which is bad enough. But now it turns out we've also lost a number of other residents - Lord Lucan, Princess Diana and Vladimir Putin. And the guy down the chip shop who swore he was Elvis Not to mention the Community's beloved retired horse, Shergar.

You don't think.....? We never saw them in the Moot House together.


  1. Grant Shapps sounds more like the name of a racehorse than a human being: if I were stuck with such a name, I'd call myself something like Michael Green too.

    1. But if you did that you would be trying to pass yourself off as a relative of Lord Stephen Green.


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