Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Clearing of the Temple - What the Papers Said

The Mail - Unemployed Immigrant Preacher Sparks Riot

The Mirror - "My friend Jesus, the Gentle Socialist" says Fiona Phillips

The Times - Currency crisis as Temple Shekel comes under attack

The Express - Killer Summer of Fire and Brimstone Forecast

The Sun - "Cut benefits of idle scroungers like my sister" says Martha of Bethany

Catholic Herald - "Last Supper should be in Latin" - Damian Thompson

The Telegraph - HSBC nothing to do with Shekel rate-fixing row

The Guardian - "Why I'm quitting as Temple Doorkeeper" - Giles Fraser


  1. The Independent. Pigeons to get human rights under Green Party plans.

    The Tablet. Christ to change Catholic teaching against violence?

    Babes in Custard. New uses for your rope of knotted cords.

    Daily Mail (again). Kardashian girl flees temple and has wardrobe malfunction.

  2. Law and Religion UK: Popular preacher's Permission to Officiate in doubt?


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