Monday, 2 March 2015

Cancelled Due to Apathy

Our "Gray Day Service", intended to enable us to express our faith even in annoyingly dull conditions, is cancelled due to apathy.

Frankly it's just as well, as I couldn't be bothered to write the sermon.

And I know the Quire hadn't practiced as they thought the songs were a bit dull and unimaginative.  Well, of course they were. I didn't have the time to think and pray through them, check the key sequences worked. So I just used the ones from last week. The ones everybody said were uninspiring. I thought they'd do.

I really ought to go and put a notice up on  the Moot House door. But it's gray,  and cold out. So I won't worry about it too much.


  1. I know the feeling. I could hardly be bothered to comment on this. ;)

  2. Is your spell checker out of order? Because Larry Grayson would be spitting blood at your grabbing his slogan as the theme for a blog post.

    Oh...... just realised that you actually meant GRAY?


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