Saturday, 28 March 2015

Earth Hour Update

Good news for this evening's Earth Hour, from a heating perspective at any rate.

I've managed to find the old tyre-burning stove in the stables. We've dragged it into the Marquee and it's steaming up nicely already. Obviously, it's well vented. That oily, black, filthy smoke it kicks out - we have to make sure we get that straight out into the open air. Visibility's going downhill fast to the east of the Community at the minute, and the traffic has slowed on the M1, I'm told. But it's clear to me that burning tyres, being otherwise a waste product, is the environmentally-sound thing to do. And it kills any lurking mosquitos.


  1. Damn. Why didn't I think of that? Got the stove but no tyres. Think I'll burn plastic bottles instead.

  2. The House of Lords accepted that the burning of tyres, albeit in a cement kiln, was environmentally sound, see: R (Edwards) v Environment Agency (No 2) [2008] UKHL 22.


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