Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Order of St Michael

The Beaker Folk have always been fond of the old chorus "As the Deer Pants for the Water". It's gentle, it's meditative and it segues beautifully into "Streets of London".

But some disrespectful types have always referred to it, in a quite unfair reference to the retailer's pricing policy, as "The Marks & Spencer Song".

But imagine our surprise and joy when, googling for lyrics, we found a version,  "Just as the Deer Pants", written by Mark Spencer.

There are three possibilities here:
1. "Mark Spencer" is a comedy genius
2. This is proof of the existence of God
3. Both of the above.


  1. Oolon Colluphid must be having a field day :D

  2. I assume that these songs are post-Vatican II versions of Johnny Palestrina’s Sicut Cervus, of which Mr Howells wrote quite an acceptable version in English.


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