Friday, 17 July 2015

A Prayer in Times of National Cricket Calamity

Hymn: Rainy Night in St John's Wood

Archdruid: Our goose is Cook-ed

All: And there's no Root out.

Archdruid: We're right and proper at the mercy of mockers

All: Getting thrashed by Ockers. So........

Archdruid: In this time of summer and drought

All: Let it rain!

Archdruid: In this time of getting out

All: Let it rain!

Archdruid: If this service is doomed to fail

All: Let it hail!

Archdruid: Thunderbolt and Lightning

All: Very very frightening thing!

Hymn: Rain on me

Archdruid: We pour out this beaker of water upon the ground.

All: That's sympathetic magic, we'll be bound.

Archdruid: And magic isn't usually good

All:But would come in handy in St John's Wood.

Hymn: It's Raining Again


Archdruid: May rain soak the ground for you
May lightning crash around for you.
May snow stop play
And even hay
fever confound the Aussies for you.
May a hurricane meet you
And the Lord's Ridge rise up to greet you
Until we meet again.


  1. Weighed in the Ballance and found wanting. That was a pathetic performance.


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