Friday, 31 July 2015

Blue Moon Celebration

Hymn: Blue Moon

Archdruid: Behold the Blue Moon!

All: Oooh!

Archdruid: The wondrous moon of blueness!

All: Oooh!

Archdruid: Blue is the moon and the moon is blue!

All: Oooh!

Charlii: But isn't it just a full moon?

Archdruid: No! It's a blue moon!

All: Oooh!

Charlii: So what's different about it?

Archdruid: Well, it's..... erm..... blue?

All: Oooh! Behold the blue moon!

Charlii: What colour is it?

All: Erm... bl...... white-ish?

Charlii: A blue moon is just a second full moon in a calendar month. Nothing special. Nothing unusual.

Archdruid: So you mean if the month started on a different day, the blue moon would be a totally different month - and nobody would think it was any different?

Charlii: Correct.

Archdruid: So what are we going to do with the Blue WKD, Blue Nun, Blueberry cider, blueberry muffins, Cordon Bleu cooking and blue cheese we were gonna celebrate with?

All: Have a blue moon party like we planned!

Archdruid: Behold the blue moon!

All: Oooh!

Charlii: Oh well. So much for logic and science.

All: Glass of 1970s-style Liebfraumilch?

Charlii: And also with you.

Hymn: Under the (blue) Moon of Love

Final Blessing

Archdruid: Peace be with blue.

All: And also with blue.


  1. May I point out that (for Papists anyway) the new ICEL translation specifies "And with your spirit" rather than "And also with you".

    I can quite see that it would give you a few problems in adapting it for a Blue Moon ceremony, though - as the only blue spirit I can think of is Bols.

  2. Bombay gin? At least the bottle is blue - but the actual spirit isn't (appropriate perhaps)


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