Friday, 3 July 2015

Blasphemy, Blasphemy, they've all got it Blasphemy

Iceland has repealed its Blasphemy law.

I should think so. The country whose economy was destroyed by usury has realised that Biblical constructs, of whatever form, are probably a bad way of running a country. After all, Christendom is over - especially in small countries in the North Atlantic. And all the others.

Of course, there are some people complaining, But they're just Thor losers.

Thor losers...

Yes, you can get angry with me.

But you feeling Loki?  Are you?


  1. I've always thought that Blasphemy is a gift from God to Atheists, druids and humanists alike.

    It gives them the feeling that they're disobeying the commandment about taking the name of God in vain, and as secret sinners they'l be there at the last blast of the trumpets saying 'I told you so'.

    Little do they know that all of their #stuff is being stored up and written down in a big book, with a page for each, in Arch Angel Gabriel's best script (in Latin of course) and they will be challenged about their blasphemous actions when they arrive at the pearly gate, on a dark cloud, expecting to be admitted.

    Their banishment to the dark place of open fires and toasting forks will come as a real shock, and they'll be able to blaspheme and curse as much as they like for eternity (or until the end of East Enders).

    So, Iceland needs to watch it's step - condoning Blasphemy is a mortal sin in the Catholic Catechism and their damnation is certain.

  2. What is an Ethical Humanist? Is there such a thing as an Unethical Humanist?


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