Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Feast of Henry, John and Henry Jr Venn

Introit: Venn Morning gilds the Skies

Archdruid: Shall we commemorate some famous old Anglican priests?

All: That would be divine.

Hymn: Venn, we walk with the Lord

Totally unseasonal joke song: Venn, a Child is born.


All: We have sinned, now and Venn

Archdruid: In vot ways?

All: We're not going to draw you a diagram....

Hymn: Venn, I Survey


Archdruid: Venn, will I see you again?


  1. Vennity of vennities, saith the Preacher, vennity of vennities; all is vennity.
    Eccles 1:2

  2. Presumably refreshments were available after the service from the Venn-ding machine


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