Monday, 28 September 2015

A Lament for Facebook being Down

Archdruid: I was glad when they said unto me, "you have three new likes on Facebook"

All: But when she clicked on the link, Facebook was down.

Archdruid: Tell it not in Redwood City.

All: Publish it not in Regents Place.

Archdruid: You can't anyway, as the button is not there.

 All: And no status to update.

Archdruid: I remember the days when I went unto Facebook to "poke" friends.

All: Or to post passive-aggressive rambles saying that if people are my real friends, they'll spam other people with the same neediness.

Archdruid: I remember the excitement of an unsubstantiated outrage.

All: Which on Twitter would last but for an evening, but on Facebook could keep coming back for months.

Archdruid: Where now can I post photographs of kittens?

All: Twitter.

Archdruid: Or nice pictures of my lunch?

All: Twitter.

Archdruid: Or get into futile arguments about theology or politics?

All: Twitter.

Archdruid: Or share mundane news about my life?

All: Twitter, Eileen. It's bloody Twitter. You could use tumblr, but people keep confusing it with Tinder.

Archdruid: Is it back yet?

All: dunno. Hang on.... it's got the spinner going....


  1. I'll pop back here for status updates then.

  2. Of course, by sharing you cat pictures, food pictures and mundane details of your life on twitter, you can link them to also post on facebook, meaning two jobs done for the price of one - and of course, you don't actually need to view the fb comments, which tend to be contentious, overlong and critical, while on twitter 140 characters stops people slagging you off like that.


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