Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Expression of Innermost Feelings

I'd like to thank Aston Clinton for the short "Expression of Innermost Feelings" as this morning's worship.

The idea was that we would get closer to our purer, deeper, more essential selves through the medium of art, poetry, dance and the consideration of the natural world.

In practice Young Keith and Charlii indulged in some light "moshing", which resulted in the inadvertent destruction of most of the Quire's instruments. I'm not sure whether that expressed their innermost feelings, but from the grins on their faces I suspect it did.

Burton just wrote what he called "De Profundis" - a poem from the depths of his heart. I didn't ask him to read it out. It was just a series of train times and beer tasting notes.

Aston himself did some art. Fascinating stuff. You wouldn't think anybody would be able to draw so many torture instruments so accurately. Must have taken real study.

Hnaef and I respectively expressed our innermost feelings by painting on gold nail varnish, and sorting out the preaching rota up to Christmas.

And Ratti got close to the natural world by taking the morning off to go badger-trapping.

On the whole, I'm glad we expressed our deeper, more essential, inner selves. 

Now we must remember never to do it again.

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