Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dismissal for a Nice House Group Meeting

This evening we have spoken of many nice things. We have spoken of people in "the World" who are the centres of their own existence.

We have talked of our workmates, and the way we relate to them,
in such a way that we have implied that they are real human beings whom God loves.

And we understand that although we aren't hugely competent in the evangelistic arts, yet the way we behave may have an eternal effect on those we work with.

May we act tomorrow like we are 6% as nice as we have claimed this evening, so that we have even 6% of the effect we just suggested we have.

As then our love, care and disinterested action for our workmates would be 6% of what we have spoken this evening.
Yet immeasurably more than we have achieved thus far.


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  1. I had clicked on this expecting something in French. Quel dommage.


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