Monday, 29 February 2016

Everybody is so Angry Online

Today's "Live online like you do IRL" day got off to a bad start. Anyone have any idea how to remove a washing machine from an external wall?

My assumption was that, if people acted online like they do with real people, there would be lot more kindness and courtesy in Social Media. Well, maybe not kindness. More social embarrassment and awkward politeness. We are British, after all. But still, an improvement.

Instead of which the opposite happened. People decided it would be less trouble simply to behave to the physical people around them in the same way they would on SocMed.

Hence what will forever be known as the "Leap Day Porridge Riot". Burton has gone around shouting out platitudes and following them with the words "Einstein", "Lincoln" or "Ghandi" so nobody argues with him.

Then there's people throwing enormous tizzies and refusing to talk to others for major offences like disagreeing with them, having their own interests, or asking if they're "OK hun?"

And Gilbert Strange, the Beaker Secularist, just came along to Pouring Out of Beakers and, whenever I mentioned God, shouted "Don't you mean the Sky Fairy?"

Which is why I threw the washing machine at him. Honestly, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

So it's really important we get the washing machine out of that wall. Gilbert is embedded behind it.

Making it worse, I've blocked him and reported him for spam. So I can't even ask him how he is.

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  1. All I'll say is I'm relieved I'm over here, and you're over there.


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