Friday, 5 February 2016

Liturgy of Explaining Everything About the Liturgy

Archdruid: And so, as it's the start of the service, let's begin the service by wishing peace to each other. Thus ensuring that we start in a state of peace. So peace be with you.

All: And also with you.

Hymn: My Heart Will Go On

Archruid: Now we are at peace with each other, let us remember that we may not be at peace with the Divine. Not because God does not love us but because we turn away from the Divinity. And so we come to this time of confession, not because God does not know our sins, but so we accept them and cast them away from ourselves.

A Confession Is Read

Archdruid: Now it is time for Filling-Up of Beakers. We fill up beakers to represent blessing being poured into us. So in this illustration. the Pump of Filling is the source of the Divine Blessing. And the beakers represent us. And so at the start of the filling-up, the beakers are empty. A symbol of emptiness. And then as we pour water into the beakers, it is a symbol of filling. We notice that as water is poured into them, they fill up - just like we do when filled with the Divine Blessing.

All: OK Eileen. We got it on the first lap.

Beakers are Filled Up

Archdruid: And so we come to a reading from Scripture. Around the world, religions that hold to Scriptures have always read those writings - almost always from their own holy Scriptures - when they come together to praise God and read their Scriptures. As we do now.

A Reading from the Little Book of Calm

Archdruid: Now we have already wished each other peace, then received God's peace. And in response to God's peace, now we can all wish each other peace - but this time like we really mean it. As we walk around sharing the peace, our handshakes, hugs or curt, English nods will be symbols of the peace that we share. And we say "Peace be with you" to express our hope that God's peace - and our own, and the Creation's - will indeed be with them. And also with us...

All: Eileen, is it time to explain the dismissal yet?

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