Sunday, 21 February 2016

Love Yurts

A lot of trouble down at the Yurt Village.

Always been a bit different, have Yurt C. Just because they're the other side of the brook, they feel it gives them a more distinct character than the others. To quote Farrej:

"They're a bunch of twerps who don't understand the traditions of mutual respect and tolerance we've built here in Yurt C."

So Yurt C are holding a vote to decide whether to remain as part of the Yurt Village, or whether to become an independent Yurt separate from the others. As you may know,  a rope has always marked out the Yurt Village from the rest of the Beaker Community - enables them to take responsibility for their own backyards. But what with the rope stretching across the brook like that, it has got increasingly porous. So Farrej and his friend Galoshes and Bozza are now arguing they should re-draw the boundaries of the Yurt Rope.

It looks like being a very boring Spring. And one with a lot of puns.

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