Saturday, 13 February 2016


Today's Lent Group will be postponed. The Borrowers haven't brought them back yet.

After last night's "Bring and Share Supper", the pile of leftover sausage rolls was so large that it collapsed under its own gravity into a Black Hole. Could all Beaker Folk please avoid the Refectory until we find out if we can designate it as a Thin Place.

The Introvert's Group meeting is cancelled. Nobody is ill - they just decided they'd all rather stay at home with a book.

Whoever left a candle in the tea light stand please remove it. It's making us all really edgy.

Please pray for the group going off for a week of " Worship in the Celtic Style". They're off to Wales to convert a closed-down Methodist chapel into apartments with a view of the Usk.

Please note that the Finance Committee meeting has now entered its 6th day. Unfortunately last night's plan to send in leftover sausage rolls has had to be abandoned. Anyone got some cold pizza we could let them have?

Monday's "Time Management" seminar has unfortunately clashed with Hnaef's talk on "Finding Space in Busy Lives". So we're moving it to 10pm.

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