Friday, 3 June 2016

Dawkins' Honey, Bin Laden and the Big Bang Theory

Scientists are wondering why the universe is expanding 9% more quickly than they expected. This implies a lot of extra matter out there we don't know about.

Some have speculated about subatomic particles, and some about tiny, invisible galaxies.

But I would like to propose an alternative solution. In 2013, Richard Dawkins had his honey confiscated at an airport. Just a one-off diva moment from the world's most famous scientist who hasn't actually done any science in 30 years, you might say. In fact we all did. But think on.

All over the world, unabashed by the good Prof's righteous complaints, customs officers have continued to confiscate honey from innocent zoologists and proper scientists.

I put it to you that the missing so-called "dark matter" is confiscated airport honey.

His baleful influence has sped up the acceleration of the universe.

Truly Bin Laden has won.


  1. I suppose all that extra gravity could be explained by the flapping of trillions of tiny bee's wings? Moral of this story though is leave your honey at home and avoid getting into sticky situations at the airport.

    1. Moral - if you act like a twit, stay off the tweets.


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