Monday, 13 June 2016

Day of Frogs

Today Beaker Folk celebrate the Day of Frogs, as the first tadpoles in the duck pond lose their tails.

To that end  (not a frog's end, I mean intention) we will be gathering at Duckhenge in full froggy festive fashion, there to sing the Hymn o' The Day, "It Ain't Easy Being Green".

We there process to the Dining Hall to eat the Day of Frogs special menu:

Frog's Legs
Frog a la Peche
Semolina with chocolate tadpoles.

Retchings will be held in the Orchard afterwards.


  1. My first reaction was that this is a celebration of Her Maj's Kermit the Frog outfit yesterday.

  2. I love frog legs fried in a light bread crumb batter - lemon & garlic with some chilies for zing ^_^


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