Sunday, 12 June 2016


Another narcissist with unresolved hate. Another bunch of innocent people who make a soft target.

And the same old country with stupid gun laws.

The state of Florida, a few years ago, changed the law so that if you wanted to buy a gun you had to come back three days later to pick it up. This was meant to stop people just buying a gun because they were really angry, and then shooting people.

They forgot that people can be really angry for more than a few days. This person seems to have been really angry because he had a bit of a rubbish marriage, and he didn't like gay people. And that's going to last longer than 72 hours. In other news, Florida gun laws are crap.

And yes, he may well have claimed he was inspired by Daesh. Hating-narcissistic losers can be inspired by other hating-narcissistic losers. Daesh have got to the point where they don't need actually to do anything - they're a brand. And in the same way that brain-deads buy brands of jeans, handbags, perfumes to prove how hip they are - a narcissistic loser will adopt the brand of narcissistic loserdom.

In one way, it doesn't matter what we say. Social media won't stop sad gits being sad gits. Narcissistic losers gonna lose, narcissistically. Ideally they won't take other people with them. Gay people are God's people, made in God's image just like straight people and also the people who really can't be bothered, but would rather have a cup of cocoa. Except gay people get persecuted and harassed more than anyone else, which says to me that they are - if anything - closer to God than the rest of us.

God loves persecuted people. They look like God's Son. American gun laws probably make God sick. If we take the guns away, sad gits just gonna be gun-less sad gits. Sounds good to me.


  1. They don't need guns, "narcissists" can do a lot of damage with a knife (RIP Lee Rigby). In many "narcissist" countries gay people are stoned to death, are you going to ban stones too?.


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