Thursday, 7 July 2016

Exploring Pioneer Ministry

It is with much joy that I welcome Brad, who is joining as Assistant Druid, with a pioneer ministry.

Brad is easily recognisable as he has a raccoon skin hat and, instead of a car, drives a covered waggon which he puts into a very small circle when he thinks Apaches are about.

We had a nasty moment yesterday when he joined the wood splitting team and thought Harborough's hatchet was a tomahawk. Still, the surgeon thinks the wrist should heal in 12 weeks or so, so no lasting damage done.

Anyone wanting to talk to Brad about his ministry is invited to sit round the camp fire and enjoy some beans. But be careful when you approach the waggon. Some of those animal traps are ferocious.

1 comment :

  1. He sounds the ideal counterbalance to the Arch Druid, with her cricket bat/Club and Steel toe capped boots/assaultmechanism he is probably as random as her with his violence and orthodoxy - in fact 'Brad'for Arch Druid - it's about time some male leadership was givena chance.


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