Saturday, 16 July 2016

Liturgy of Recognition of a New Prime Minister

Archdruid: And so, in the circling circle of years, the cycle has circled and so we, like th'encircling circles of a circuitous circle...

All: Can you cut the poetry and pseudo-Celtic drivel? We want to start the barbecue.

Archdruid: And so, as Shiny-Face Dave was the future once, now he is the past. He retires to be an elder statesperson.

All: To speak from above politics, like Major.

Archdruid: Or to sulk cowering in a bunker, like Brown.

All: To loathe his successor and all her works, like Heath.

Archdruid: Or to loathed and reviled by all, like Blair.

All: History will be his judge.

Archdruid: And so, the moving finger writes, and having writ moves on.

All: PMs come and PMs go. But PM's never Gove.

Archdruid: And so...

All: Will you, in the name of Kirsty MacColl, stop saying "And so...?"

Archdruid: Let Dave be gone and Theresa rule.

All: For Winter is Coming.

Archdruid: Not that we're saying she's Jadis the Witch-Queen.

All: Though she'd get the part if she auditioned.

The ritual Wicker PM is taken out and burned.

Archdruid: Let us dance on the ashes of failure.

All: Bring in the Queen of the May!

The ritual New Wicker PM is installed and garlanded with mayflower.

Archdruid: OK. I'll give civilisation 5 years. Let's get the barbie started.

Hymn: Light up the Fire

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