Monday, 18 July 2016

That About Wraps it up for Postmodern Theology

Mieke Bal in her essay, "Postmodern Theology as Cultural Analysis", writes the following: "A postmodern theology, then, need not decide whether God exists or not, and which one God has privileges over which other Gods in a multiple society."

I checked Wiki and the good news is that Mieke Bal is still with us and apparently still flourishing. I had a panic that she might have been run over while deconstructing the semiotics of a zebra crossing.


  1. Nice H2G2 reference there... :)

  2. ...whereas, of course, you stand in the great tradition of those who believe in one holy, catholic and apostolic church, a position akin to declaring that the 17-ton double decker bus heading towards you at 45mph is a mere figment of the imagination and will vanish like the morning dew...

    Charlii, go get the shovel.

  3. Had several cats called Mieke. Not one of Schrödinger's cats though.

  4. Tried to say before, it was a laundry van when exiting an exhibition of ornamental cookery.


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