Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Liturgy of Article 50

Archdruid: Is this really happening?

All: We just thought it was a bit of a laugh....

Archdruid: I mean, yeah in theory I didn't like the EU either.

All: But we didn't think this would actually happen.

Archdruid: Was this really about sovereignty and free trade?

All: No. We just wanted to get rid of the foreigners.

Archdruid: WHAT?

All: We said - we just wanted to get rid of the red tape.

Archdruid: WHAT WAS THAT?

All: What?

Archdruid: That thing. It scuttled into the shadows. Smelt of burning and broken glass.

All: Oh, the spirit of Mosley? He's been hanging around...

Archdruid: What?

All: He just flits among the trees, biding his time...

Archdruid: And he doesn't bother you?

All: Snowflake.

Archdruid: We will now sing Psalm 23. For about 6 years. Or possibly slightly longer.

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  1. Just wondering how the Druidic relationship with Europe will cope with Brexit?

    The free movement of Druids will require a visa and passport control and the wearing of pointy hats will be banned by European countries because they're a sign of british obstructiveness.

    And what about the Customes Union - currently Cricket Bats and Hob Nailed boots are allowed through, what does this mean for Arch Druids going over seas to enforce discipline in sister covens?


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