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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How to Deal with a Male Archdruid

Utter confusion among the Wicker Folk of Walthamstow as they wonder how to deal with a male archdruid.

I can understand their alarm. After all, half of them don't think a man can be an archdruid. Indeed, I'm not really sure they can myself. That's why we've had to provide the Archdruid of Barnet, to offer Other Archdruidical Administration. Not saying that Stanwick of Walthamstow isn't a real archdruid.  But just in case anybody thinks, quite reasonably, that he isn't, Archdruid Elspeth is right on hand to sort things out.

I'm glad to have been part of this great leap forward in Beaker equality.


  1. I am the reincarnation of the only male Vestal Virgin in ancient Rome. There were some problems, but the rule against getting pregnant didn't give me much trouble.

  2. Ah. In the church of St Agatha by the Swamp (Lancashire coven) Archdruid Winifred gave the sermon for International Women's Day. "Just think", she boomed. "The world would be a very different place if women said 'No', like that Lizzie Wotsit, the Greek lady. There'd be a lot more rhinos for a start. Not to mention woolly mammoths

  3. If think that the Equality of Women Arch Druid's has been taken one step too far. Men deserve equality in the same spirit of equality that has liberated women from the drudgery of the kitchen sink, the washing, shopping, gardening, child raising. Men have taken on these roles (sometimes grudgingly) other times willingly, as they enjoy a wide number of friendships with women at the school gates. Get to go to coffee mornings with nubile young mothers and generally hang out with women who enjoy their company. The only draw back is the very tight leggings, and lipstick, which do nothing for the male anatomy :)


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