Saturday 18 March 2017

Church Strapline Generator

Scared that you may have to come up with something snappy to describe your diocese, church or small group?  Worried by the Vision Statements of the 1990s - those vaguely worded yet interminable and ungrammatical statements of our aspirations?

Well worry no more.  You don't need to write Mission Statements for churches these days. Directional Values are pretty funky (I notice this example doesn't include "downwards" or what Southwell and Nottingham would no doubt call "deeper". Probably because encouraging people on a downwards journey isn't where the Church is at.)

But best of all, you can just come up with a church strapline - just three unrelated adjectives. Everyone knows exactly what you're about. Unless it's gibberish or sounds like smut. And we've provided you with a generator to produce a new one every 3 seconds!  Everyone's a winner.

My personal favourite so far is "Good News-ier - Fresher - Bluesier". But what's yours?

Church Strapline of the Week.....

(NB - having trouble rendering this on Android. Our technical team are working on it (ie Burton Dasset is frantically looking at Google). But request the PC / Desktop site and it's fine).


  1. "Pogoing Older Literalist" is some facebook-scale targeting. Somewhere out there is exactly the woman you mean to reach

  2. Okay, " Inclusiver - Inclusiver - Exclusiver " is a bit unfathomable

    1. Clearly it relates to the Three Controversial Topics, and gives the churches stance on each. I'm not sure of the order (or what is the third).

  3. Orthodox, Orthodontic, Orthopaedic

  4. Strangely hypnotic. I love the idea that 'Messier' is a desirable quality. Can I suggest the ultimate strapline of 'messier - fresher - inclusiver' for all Missional Communities, Pioneer Ministries and churches planted by HTB.

  5. LOL. You made my tidier - staler - exclusive day.

  6. Good news-ier, biscuity-er, friendlier. That would get em in, although I was holding out for 'moist with blessing' as that sounds like cake!


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