Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New Directions in Self-Supporting Ministry: Cancelled

I'm afraid we're having to cancel our week-long course, "New Directions in Self-Supporting Ministry."

The retired self-supporting druids all got their forms back at the subsidised rates. But very poor take-up from the ones in employment. So there was no way the course could pay for itself.

I phoned up Fadrick, the guy who runs the La Tene Folk of Luton. He said he couldn't make it because he has "a young family, a day job, and a church to run."

I mean, it was only one a one-week course with 20 hours or so of prep.

Some people have no commitment.

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  1. SSM in the CofE are frowned on by those members of the Society of 'Real Priests' who get paid for their ministry. They seek to create the impression that being SSM has some connotation with unusual sexual practices devised by the Marquis De Sade a century or so ago.

    Those who are SSM are content in the knowledge that they are part of a proud tradition of voluntary service, which if the practice is banned, can be in solidarity with the other despised sects in the Church.


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