Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Collect for the Bicentenary of the Death of Jane Austen

God, who first set Jane Austen to work in what was thought to be a man's field: park, we pray, all our pride and prejudice, and so set our minds that we may in all places - whether South or North, hangar, abbey, dress shop, wood house or wherever we may work, use both sense and sensibility in the persuasion of all peoples to be as witty as Jane Austen, as clever as her heroines  (except Fanny Price - she's a drip) and as honourable as Mr Darcy. Not the one in Bridget Jones. The real one.


  1. Lady Susan is in full accord.

  2. Lady Catherine de Bourgh has never written a Collect.
    But if she did, it would be better than Cranmer.

    Put Donald Trump in crinolines and he'd basically be Lady Catherine.

  3. Crinolines in red in honour of his/her distant cousin, Sir Chris de Bourgh.

  4. Church Choir Notes - Ms Austen now front of tenners.


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