Thursday, 27 July 2017

50th Anniversary of the Decriminalization of Something We'd Rather Not Think About

Statement from the Druidical Synod

So obviously we're glad that 50 years ago something we'd rather not think about was decriminalized.

We're not going to dwell too much on the thing we'd rather not think about.

But, you know - we're all sinners aren't we?

Some moderately adjust their tax returns.

Some say words they regret. Rude words we won't repeat.

Others might slightly exceed the speed limit or maybe, let's face it, park where they shouldn't and hope they get out of the shop before the traffic warden notices they're on a double yellow

And some people do things we'd rather not think about.

And obviously it's good they're not illegal any more.

But we'd still rather not think about them.

We'll just randomly say 'sin' again. No reason.

Response from Beaker Mainstream

Obviously it's right that the thing we'd rather not think about is not illegal.

But in saying they're glad the thing we'd rather not think about is illegal, the Druidic Synod missed off a load of other things that aren't actually illegal but are definitely sins.

Sins. Sins. Sins.

There's a lot of sin about isn't there? If only the Druidic Synod had noticed.

I love saying "sin", don't you?



  1. The sin is not to forgive any perceived sin is it not?

    1. Hardly, as that is God's business. That is what "they" all forget.


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