Monday, 25 September 2017

Oxford English

Exciting news from the Diocese of Oxford, which is recruiting for a "Vision Programme Development Manager." Which I'm pretty sure is a job that replaces what used to be called "Prophet."

I feel you should just savour and delight in this sentence from the advert. And bear in mind this is actually one sentence.
This is an exciting opportunity for someone to join us who will coordinate and facilitate the discernment and implementation of the diocesan common vision and strategy process through a range of activities and hands on projects, by working collaboratively with others, informing decisions and deploying effective communication strategies to build engagement across the Diocese
No? You neither? And some people say the BCP is hard to understand.


  1. Spending 0.44 of their time farming sycamore figs.

  2. Doesn't leave much time for collaborating on an exciting visioning process with Jezebel?

  3. Prophets are supposed to work collaboratively with others these days?

    They always were good at dramatic and sometimes effective communication strategies, although possibly not the ones envisaged by whoever wrote the ad.

  4. Where's Elijah when you need him?

  5. SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

    There is a mistake in Vatican Council II : two popes need to be shown that in principle hypothetical cases are not exceptions to EENS

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

    Two popes need to correct the objective error in salvation theology which cannot be the teaching of the Holy Spirit and so is not magisterial

  6. It sounds like something from "Yes, Minister".

  7. I have a vision? Wasn't that Martin Luther King?


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