Wednesday 27 September 2017

Those Independent Anglican Denominations in Full

Gavin Ashdenden, formerly one of the Queen's hundreds of chaplains, has been ordained a "missionary bishop" by the Christian Episcopal Church - a denomination that is very keen to ensure we know they're in the Apostolic Succession and aren't like those nasty other Episcopalians. As well as having a neat line in pasting Times New Roman text into websites as images.

But just how many of these independent Anglican denominations are there? And just how gaudy are their coats of arms?  Well, we're here to help...

Free Church of England - As opposed to the Imprisoned Church of England, presumably. Unique among denominations that I'm aware of in having a donations panel on the front page.

Free Radical Church of England - Like the Free Church of England but with an unpaired electron.

Free Nelson Mandela - Not such a topical song as it once was.

Free Anglican Communion - something you'll be able to get with a box of cornflakes, the way things are going.

Anglican Free Communion - Seems to have the adjectives in the wrong order. Kind of weird, really.

Free Episcopal Church - Bringing together all the Free Episcopalians, I guess.

Anglican Church in North America - One of the many Anglican churches in North America (see above)

The Quivering Anglican Church - Focus on hellfire, damnation and cake.

The Continuing Anglican Church - Still going, against all the odds.

The Protestant Episcopal Church - Still has a lot to complain about.

The Caffeinated Church of England - Dedicated to Beryl crockery and decent coffee.

The Covfefe Church of England - The result of a terrible typo when they were trying to disaffiliate.

The Celtic Episcopal Church - Plays in green and white vestments. Expects you to have the right browser to view their web page, rather than vice versa.

The Rangers Episcopal Church - Went terribly bankrupt but hopes to get back on the straight and narrow.


  1. Something Python-esque about all this (Are you the Free Anglican Communion? No, we're the Anglican Free Communion!)

  2. "Free Radical Church of England - Like the Free Church of England but with an unpaired electron."

    ArchDruid - did you have to make me inadvertently choke and spit coffee all over my keyboard?


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