Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Bloom's Breggsit

The world's most useless Brexiter, Godfrey Bloom, makes his latest attempt for attention with this ridiculous tweet:

So on this occasion I've been drawn in. May as well get the "War on Easter" story in before Ash Wednesday, so we can concentrate on the War on Christmas during Lent.

So what's wrong with it? Just about everything.

Let's look at Cadbury's "Quaker roots". First up, they're not owned by Quakers. It's owned by what used to be Kraft. Kraft don't have Quaker Roots. And if they were showing their Quaker roots properly, they might well not celebrate Easter at all. Many early Quakers were adverse to marking such late innovations into the Christian calendar as Easter.

Cadbury's are, as you might imagine, focusing on something non-Easterish at the moment. A Valentine's Day gift. Valentine, you may remember, is a Christian saint.

But don't worry. They're getting ready to sell some eggs without mentioning Easter at all.  At all.  For instance, this collection which has no mention of eggs....

Or this "bunny basket" with absolutely no mention of the Easter Bunny. That famous participant in the Biblical Easter Story.

And don't even get me started on this collection of eggs that absolutely doesn't have "Happy Easter" on the box.

And Thornton's? A proper British company in the sense that it's loss making. A family company in that it is owned by Signor Giovanni Ferrero. An Italian. But very much part of a family firm. An Italian family. So buy Thornton's Easter Eggs and put your money into Italian profits. As I say. The world's most useless Brexiter.

I dunno about you. But I'm a bit peckish now.  I'd best have an Easter Egg.  If only I knew of a company that sells them.

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  1. Who ever General Godfrey Bloom is, he isn't a British General? I spent 43 years in the Army and the Generals we had never bloomed, in fact, they positively wilted.

    If Mr Bloom believes himself to be a General, perhaps he should enlist in the British Army and get some time in, about 30 years or so to earn his spurts as a General

  2. Really disappointed that Thornton's is owned by Ferrero. Thornton's Continental are my favourite chocolates, but Ferrero use child slave labour in their plantations. Yet another brand I will have to boycott.


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