Saturday, 2 June 2018

Nativity of Thomas Hardy (1840)

1st Yokel: I see it's that Thomas Hardy's birthday again.

2nd Yokel: Funny. I thought that were last year.

1Y: Same every year. The seasons do circle round, 'tis true.

2Y: And is he having a party, Jan Coggan?

1Y: He's dead.

2Y: Probably not, then.

1Y: Dead and gone, as we all shall be.

2Y: Shall us to the Quiet Woman, the King's Arms or the Dree Mariners, to drink a pretty drop o' tipple to his memory?

1Y: Fie on thee for a pagan, Christian Cantle. 'Tis before 9 o' the morning, by Casterbridge clock.

2Y: 'Tis true.

1Y: 'Tis.

2Y: We'll just have to stay here in Wetherspoons.

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  1. I wonder if in another 140 years we will still be celebrating the Nativity of Thomas Hardy or of Arch Druid Eileen who has made the Violent leadership of a Cult into a cultural Paradox for the 21st Century?

    I suppose we'll have to wait and see - oh wait, we haven't manged to extend life that long so far.


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