Saturday, 23 June 2018

St John's Eve

The Beaker Fertility Folk are busy preparing for tonight's celebrations.

You may be aware that, on Midsummer Night, the Fertility Folk head out into the woods, there to indulge in their fertility frolics until the dawn, in the manner popularised by Dr Fitzpiers and Suke Damson in "The Woodlanders".

However, they've been at this kind of thing a long time now. And, in the words of the bard Fred Wedlock, these days it takes them all night to do what they used to do all night.

So instead of love potions it's Deep Heat, Ibuprofen, woolly pullies and thermos flasks of strong coffee. The smell of liniment will be strong on Aspley Heath tonight.

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  1. The good thing with getting old is more comfort, less speed.


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