Thursday, 21 June 2018

Summer Solstice

Beaker Folk assemble, disshevelled, as befits the hour

Hymn: Here Comes the Sun

Archdruid: Behold the sun at its rising!

All: Resplendent in glory!

Charlii: Well, it's not really up yet.

Archdruid: Well it should be. Hnaef, what's the time by the Executive Assistant Archdruidical Sundial?

Hnaef: I don't know. The sun's not really up yet.

Archdruid: I suppose it's that bit of a hill. I knew we should have done this in Big Meadow, not Lower Field.

Ted: Needs draining, Archdruid.

Archdruid: Thank you, Ted.

All: Look! There it is!

Archdruid: Behold the Sun at its rising!

All: Resplendent in glory!

Charlii: No, that's the lights on Keith's Land Rover.

Archdruid: Are we facing in the right direction?

Hnaef: North-West isn't it?

Archdruid: North-East.

Hnaef: Oh look! Yes!

Archdruid: Behold the Sun at its rising!

All: Resplendent in glory!

Bernie: No, I've left the grill on...

Hymn: Ashes to ashes.

Elves, Pokémon and nymphs fill the glade. A hamadryad tries to chat up a a coy sycamore. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn wanders in late, and throws his pipes at Hern the Hunter. Old England stirs stage right, and dreams of empire.

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