Thursday, 21 June 2018

When Badgers Collide

I'd really like to apologise for this afternoon's events.

It was like this. Unlike most of my idle shower of sheep, I was up quite literally with the dawn today to celebrate the Solstice Sunrise. Very much the zenith of the Beaker year. Except in a literal sense, as the zenith would be 1pm.

Still, I digress. After the sunrise we had a traditional Beaker solstice breakfast of crystallised honey. And then the elevenses of flying saucer sweets that we have every summer solstice.

I guess my blood sugar crashed this afternoon. As it was halfway through our seminar on "The Spirituality of Badgers" that I started screaming "The evil black and white monsters! They'll steal your souls! They'll steal your souls."

And I started to wonder why we ever even organised a seminar on "The Spirituality of Badgers".

It was only this evening, after three hours of fitful, nightmare-filled sleep, that I realised. That seminar was for a bunch of local councillors, on considerations in school religious provisions in a pluralist faith environment. Nothing to do with badgers at all.

I thought the badgers had looked a bit taken aback.

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