Monday, 18 February 2008

Gibbon Moon

Warning to all Beaker Folk intent on dancing in Ashley Heath this evening. Frankly the forecast is for it to be a bit taters. Please wear at least six layers, and a hi-viz to assist the Bedfordshire Mountain Rescue should you get into difficulties.

Anyone planning any more extreeme dancing, please leave it to another evening. I spent far too much time at MK General last year as a result of that kind of behaviour.

To clarify terminology - the current moon is gibbous, meaning it's less than full but more than half full. Some-one misheard us while we were taking sightings this afternoon and went off telling other people it's the "gibbon moon". By tea-time it had formed into a fully-fledged sect worshipping the moon-gibbon. It is said that the moon-gibbon brings fertility (inevitably...), and that it rewards those of its followers who climb in trees while proclaiming the gibbon song. For goodness' sake, get a grip.

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