Thursday, 21 February 2008

Saw the whole of the moon?

Well, what a shame that the skies over Husborne Crawley were on the hazy side. However some glimpses of the eclipse - and now the awesome site of the first hints of the sun, bringing a pink hue to the skies over the Amazon warehouse at Marston Gate.

Some notes of clarification I should perhaps have issued before all that panic broke out at 3am. The expression "the moon has turned to blood" is a metaphorical one. It refers to the colour of the moon, and also references the prophecy of Joel, and its interpretation by St Peter on the Day of Pentecost.
It is not meant to be taken literally. Those members of the Order of the Gibbon who decided that a war had broken out between the Man in the Moon (today we prefer Occupant of the Moon) and the Moon-gibbons, causing the moon to run with blood - were frankly just losing it. The peace chants and the prayers for reconciliation on Luna were unnecessary.

Anyone now suffering from cold-related illnesses should make their way to the community First Aid room, where Hnaef will be serving hot toddies and handing out blankets. If he'd only shave his legs (it'd be for charity...) he'd make a lovely nurse.

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  1. Venerable Archdruid, would you mind telling me where your field of magic mushrooms is? I could use some meself, you know: I am told that imagination is very important in preaching these days. Thank you.


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